Warren Buffett ▶ Advice For The Young Generation

Warren Buffett ▶ Advice For The Young Generation
Warren Buffett ▶ Advice For The Young Generation
Warren Buffett ▶ Advice For The Young Generation
Warren Buffett ▶ Advice For The Young Generation

 Warren Buffett ▶ Advice For The Young Generation  

 Advice for the all the young people:

1- Read and write more. 

2- Stay healthy and fit. 

3- Networking is about giving. 

4- Practice public speaking. 

5 -Stay teachable.

6 -Find a mentor. 

7- Keep in touch with friends.

8- You are not your job. 

9- Know when to leave. 

10-Don’t spend what you don’t have.   

How to reduce stress this week:

1-stay active, 2-visualize, plan, then action, 3-give without expecting a get, 4- eat healthier, 5- be a better friend, 6- don't respond to negativity, 7- spend time with family, 8- get some rest, 9- write 'thank you' notes, 10- focus on your goals.

      It is the mark of a small minded person to humiliate or disrespect someone. We are all human beings that want to feel appreciated. If you want to live a calm and stress free life, don't be disrespectful. Not to your mom, a stranger, your kids, your sister or a homeless person.

     Championship teams have people who: 1- thrive under pressure, 2- quickly refocus after mistakes, 3- think 'we' over 'me', 4- elevate the play of teammates, 5- refuse to lose, 6- exhibit laser focus, 7- play at their best during the most critical times, 8- don't take things personal.

   Patience is not easy. Everyone can't handle it. That’s why the rewards are so great. It can break you, wreck you, make you want to scream and give up but you press on because you know that a great thing can never be forced or rushed. Great things will happen when you   are patient.

      The bosses we remember: 1- provided safe space to grow, 2- opened career doors, 3- defended us when we needed it, 4- recognized and rewarded us, 5- developed us as leaders, 6- inspired us to stretch higher, 7- led by example, 8- told us our worked mattered, 9- forgave us when mistakes were made.

          Stop being impressed by money, fame & status. Instead, be impressed by those who treat other human beings well, in both good times & bad.

People who refuse to grow with you simply can't go with you. We get so caught up in our emotions that we seem to think everyone can go where we are going. At some point, you have to realize everyone can't go with you to the next level. If they don't want to  grow, let them go.

          15 habits of lucky people: 1- healthy habits, 2- complain less, 3-teach others, 4- show gratitude, 5- share credit, 6- choose kindness, 7- volunteer first, 8-unselfishly give, 9- trust first, 10- good manners,11- stay healthy, 12- promote others, 13- love to explore, 14- good listeners, 15- don't argue.

    10 success tips: 1- Stop talking so much. 2- Read more. 3- Patience is a virtue. 4- Smart grind always pays off. 5- Eat healthy, do cardio. 6- Stay away from toxic people. 7- Giving is better than receiving. 8- Clean up your room. 9- Keep your day organized. 10-   Don't waste time or money.

        Think of all the things that are possible when you wake up. Don’t think of who offended you, who betrayed you, who took you for granted & what didn’t work out. Such things are bound to happen in life. Instead, think to  yourself "I'm alive, I'm breathing, anything is possible!"

Life will humble you as you age. You will feel the pain of your mistakes or the blessings of your good choices. If you want a life that gets better as you get older, it's important to make good decisions. If you don't, life becomes very hard, and your time starts running out.....

        Steps to change your life: 1- Stop complaining and appreciate how lucky you are every day. 2- Embrace being alone and reinvent yourself in the process. 3- Say goodbye to the people that don’t bring positive energy into your life. 4- Commit to the goals you set and never look back.

    Be thankful for: 1- Good health of you and your loved ones, 2- Living in a place where you feel safe, 3- Work that helps you grow for the better, 4- Freedom to express yourself 5- Ability to choose how you spend your time, 6- The ability to give, 7- Another day of life.

Here's what's cool: 1- saying 'thank you' 2-apologizing when wrong 3- showing up on time 4- being nice to strangers 5- listening without interrupting 6- admitting you were wrong 7- following your dreams 8- being a mentor 9- learning and using people's names 10- holding doors open. 

You will not regret 1- Spending quality time with loved ones 2- Following your dreams 3- Choosing work that brings you joy 4- Investing in your wellbeing

You will regret 1- Worrying about things that don't matter 2- Stressing over a job 3- Overeating 4- Staying around the wrong people. 

A Healthy List: 1- Wake up and smile 2- Meditate / Pray 3- Drink more water 4- Eat less sugar 5- Clean your living space 6- Read and write more 7- Remove clutter 8- Don't respond to nonsense 9- Spend quality time with family 10- Show gratitude 11- Forgive first 12- Exercise.  

The smartest people I know: 1- Don't get easily offended 2- Read more than they talk 3- Enjoy intelligent discourse 4- Quickly admit when they're wrong 5- Comfortable changing their opinion 6- Surround themselves w/ intelligence 7- Seek to understand every perspective on a topic.

never :

expect • demand • assume


your limits • what you don't know • your potential


• get negative • get jealous • worry about what others are doing


• go with the flow and be happy...